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    joanmariebernadette commented  ·

    ***Posted to me in a foreign language that I don't understand.
    ***Post: "Anonymous commented  ·  October 28, 2017 11:43  ·  Flagged
    El que poco hace; Poco alcansa?

    ***I don't know what this says.

    joanmariebernadette commented  · 

    I would like to see LATIN added. Great opportunity with getting together with older Roman Catholic Priests. They were fluent in Latin. Some Priests retire due to health problems. There are communities , & facilities to help them. So, many times they are residents, gathered together in single facilities. Would be good to ask them to participate in a LATIN program for “Microsoft Translator” while they are still alive. Thank you.

    joanmariebernadette commented  · 

    Add Ecclesiastical Latin to English, please.

    joanmariebernadette supported this idea  · 
    joanmariebernadette commented  · 

    No..........I accidentally "clicked" to Flag this post. I tried to UN-flag it, but it wouldn't allow me to. :/ I'm sorry. PLEASE put an "UN-flag" option on this site. Some of us (me) accidentally click when we don't intend to. :/

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