Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - How to translate messages in your apps such as text, WhatsApp and Facebook

Take the following steps to translate messages you receive or want to send.


You can translate incoming and outgoing messages in any of your apps using SwiftKey.

To do this take the following steps:

  1. Download or update the SwiftKey Keyboard from the Play Store
  2. Tap Open
  3. Follow the steps on your screen to enable the SwiftKey Keyboard on your device and to add the languages you use as well
  4. Open the app you want to use such as Facebook (Messenger), WhatsApp, or text messaging
  5. Tap the + sign at the top of your keyboard
  6. Scroll to the right and tap the Translator logo
  7. Tap ‘I agree’ to allow Microsoft to translate your messages
  8. Select the from-language and the to-language
  9. Start typing to display the translation of your message instantly.

Learn more about SwiftKey and Translator here.


To be able to translate a message you received in another application or to send a to translated message you can use copy and paste.

  1. Find the message you want to translate
  2. Tap-and-hold the text
  3. Tap Copy
  4. Go to the Microsoft Translator app and tap the keyboard
  5. Select the languages you want to translate from and translate to
  6. Tap-and-hold on “Type to Translate”
  7. Tap Paste and your translation will appear.

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