How to translate your website using Webpage Translator

You can make your website viewable to a worldwide audience in any of the languages supported by Microsoft Translator by adding links to your site to which open pages using the Microsoft Translator Webpage Translator. 

The Webpage Translator is a free web application that displays web pages in foreign languages. The Webpage Translator was originally designed to allow users to enter a URL into Translator for Bing, however you can use it to provide multilingual viewing to your website, regardless of its CMS or web hosting platform.

Click on the translation links on the right side of the screen so see how the Webpage Translator works in action. You may want to open the links in a new tab.

The following steps will walk you through adding links to your website, allowing users to view it in their language.

Step 1: Decide where on your site you would like to add a clickable link to view in another language

The link can be added wherever best suits your site-- this could be text, an image, or an entire <div>. You can specify a specific language to the user, or simply add a message such as "Translate". The user will have the option of selecting additional languages once they have clicked on the link.

For this example, we have chosen to add a list of languages on the right side of the screen, with a selection for "More" in case the customer does not see their language listed.

Step 2: Get the Webpage Translator URL

Replace the following portions in the URL below:
  • = Your site URL (Note: http:// or https:// are not needed and will be automatically added by the Webpage Translator)
  • XX  = The language code for the original language of your site
  • YY  = The language code for the language you want your site translated to
A complete list of language codes can be found here, with the most commons ones being:
    • Arabic = ar
    • Chinese Simplified = zh-hans
    • Chinese Traditional = zh-hant
    • English = en
    • French = fr
    • German = de
    • Italian = it
    • Japanese = ja
    • Portuguese =pt
    • Russian = ru
    • Spanish = es

As an example, the link to the Microsoft Translator UserVoice home page translated into French is:

Alternative: Copy and paste URL from
  • Copy the URL of your website from the address bar

  • Go to
  • Paste the URL into the source field on the left (or the right if your browser is in a right justified language such as Arabic)

  • Choose a specific language to translate the site into 

  • Click on the link in the link in the target field, this will take you to the translated page using the Webpage Translator
  • Copy the URL from the address bar

The URL produced with this method may be slightly different than the one produced by the previous method-- some characters may use URL encoding. For instance, a forward slash (/) may be replaced by the code %2F in the URL. This will not affect how the link works, and can be replaced by the original characters if desired.

Step 3: Add the link to your site

Add the URL link to the text or image you chose in Step 1. The method to do this will depend on how and where your website is hosted.

If you are adding links for multiple languages, you can simply edit the "to" language code in each URL link.

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