Translator Live feature and Outlook Translator

NOTE: The Presentation Translator add-in for PowerPoint has been retired is no longer being supported. Please use the native PowerPoint subtitling feature to add live subtitles and captions to your presentations. Learn more in Microsoft Office Support.

In this forum, you’ll find answers to frequently asked questions and product improvement ideas for the Translator Live feature and Translator for Outlook. 

Microsoft Translator live feature transcribes and translates in-person conversations as you speak, with up to 500 speakers using their own smartphone, tablet, or PC. For FAQs related to the live feature, visit

Translator for Outlook is an add-in that enables you to translate email messages on the fly.

To download Presentation Translator, visit

To learn more about how Presentation Translator works, key features, and tips for using the add-in, visit:

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Translator Live feature and Outlook Translator


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