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Hindi offline package pls.

Hindi offline

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Hindi is available as a text and offline language in Microsoft Translator.

When you open the app and select a language, you will see an arrow
pointing down to line.

Just press on the icon and it will download.

Once you have downloaded the language for offline use it goes to
the devices memory and it is accessible when your are using the app
AND you are not connected to the internet.

Please make sure that there is a check mark next to the language in
the select languages menu. This means that the language is
downloaded and that you should be able to use it offline.

NOTE: When translating while offline do not use (Detect) as your ‘from-language’ but choose one of the languages you have downloaded for off-line use.

Please know that automatic Translations are usually of a lower
quality than professionally translated texts, however the software
learns from corrections and constantly improves its output. As
automatic translations use statistical machine learning to
translate from one language to another it works best when
translating full sentences. It can make errors, especially when the
phrase lacks context.

You can learn about how automatic translation
works at

Best regards,
Microsoft Translator Team


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